Who is this site for?

This website extends and enhances educational classroom books from CURRICKET.COM. Teachers, students, home-schoolers, and parents who use CURRICKET books are some of the people who use this website.


How much does it cost to use this website?

Absolute nothing. Zero. Zilch. Really! This website is completely free. There are no hidden fees and no registration is required.


If this site is free, how do you make your money?

The CURRICKET Internet Tutor lessons presented here link directly to the lessons in CURRICKET books which are sold at CURRICKET.COM.


Some of the Internet Tutor lessons seem incomplete.

The CURRICKET Internet Tutor lessons on this website are not intended to be complete lessons. Rather, they extend lessons taught in CURRICKET books. Think of the lessons presented here as a personal tutor for the student.


I have a CURRICKET book and it has a square box with a pattern in it on some of the pages. What is the box for?

The square box is called a QR Code. If you have a device like a tablet or smart phone, you can use the device's QR Code reader to scan the QR Code in the book. Scanning the QR Code with your device will take you directly to the correct CURRICKET Internet Tutor lesson for that particular page. If you device doesn't come with a QR Code reader you may be able to download one in your app store. If your device doesn't support QR Code reading, don't worry, you can still access CURRICKET Internet Tutor by simply opening up your favourite web browser on ANY web enabled device and typing in the URL(web link) that appears below the QR Code box. The URL will look something like "CURRICKET.TV/000001".


Can I still use CURRICKET books if my students don't have Internet access.

Absolutely! The lessons on this site are meant to enhance and extend the lessons in the books but are not required. For example, a common use of CURRICKET.TV occurs once the student has gone home for the day but is stuck on their homework. The student simply goes to the appropriate CURRICKET Internet Tutor lesson to get a quick refresher of what the teacher taught in class that day. Parents also find this useful when helping their children with their homework.


Can I use the CURRICKET Internet Tutor lessons on this site if I don't have CURRICKET books?

Yes. However, students learn best when combining the full experience of CURRICKET books with CURRICKET.TV.


Can I play CURRICKET Internet Tutor lessons in my classroom? Do I need any special permissions?

You do not need any special permissions, and, as long as you don't try and sell or profit from the lessons, you may present them however you like.


Are the CURRICKET Internet Tutor lessons available on YouTube?

Yes. CURRICKET.TV videos are hosted on this website and on YouTube (some people find it easier to watch the YouTube version of our videos on their mobile devices). CURRICKET is not affiliated with YouTube.


The CURRICKET Internet Tutor lessons won't play.

First, make sure you have an active Internet connection. If you do, make sure your web browser and operating system are up-to-date. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us for help.


Do you have a question that hasn't been answered here?

Contact us.

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